Personal Story About Returning to School

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Personal Story about returning to school

Milton Morales

ENG 121

Katherine Ness

Jan. 27, 2011

Going back to school can be a tough decision, but being positive and having confidence can

lead you to success. As I grew older, I needed to decide what I was going to do with

my life. As I got closer to graduating from high school, I was very much against the idea of

college. While growing up in a not so wealthy family, going to college wasn’t really a priority for

me; as I had to help my parents and brothers. But now, it is becoming more difficult to advance

without some sort of advance education. There were many reasons why I choose to go back to

school, to better myself and to set and example for my brothers. I know that if you have self-

discipline, you can accomplish anything you want. I mean learn now if you don’t have kind of

degree you’re not going to get the job that is going to make you or the money you need to keep

you from sinking. I have a high school diploma but that may not help me.

One of the reasons why I went back to school was so I can get a good education, because

having an education is something important in life, you feel confident, accomplished and you

gain more knowledge. When going back to school you develop verbal skills, which are

important in general, and especially, in managerial positions. Also attending college or

university helps perform the day to day tasks of life more effectively, like locating the right

doctor, searching for a good investment, finding new job, or working out family challenges.

Education is important to me because it helps me develop new interests in life that may be

entertaining or allow me to enter a new occupation. I know that returning back to school will

lead me to more job opportunities and wider choice of jobs. Therefore, it is correlated with job


Another reason why I decided to go back to school was because having a good paying job is

something that benefits from going to school. You have a better life, you feel more relaxed and

on top of that accomplished. My dad finished high school but didn’t go to college because his

parents couldn’t help him pay for college, but the education that he got he was able to get a

good paying job. I know that ones I finish school I will get a good paying job because I was

educated and when someone is educated he/she can perform in a high level in their job

because they went to the process of education. Today’s tough economy is another reason why I

chose to come back to school, there’s many people considering career changes or because of

their lack of knowledge.

One of the main reasons that I also went back to school is to make my parents proud, I want to

let them know that I’m capable of doing anything ones I set my mind to it. Ever since they when

to high school and didn’t when to college they always wanted me to go to college and pursue

my degree. My parents didn’t had the opportunity to go back to school because the lack of

money. They now expect me to accomplish the goal since I’m also the first in my family going to

college. Also ones I get my degree, my goal is to help my parents financially since they are

having problems. Im not only doing this for my parents, I’m doing this for my brothers as well, I

want them to see me as a role model, that if I can accomplish my goal they can as well.

Going back to school is something that I should feel good about, not to take it as another

obstacle in my life because anything is possible if you put your mind to it. School in my opinion

should be considered like a whole new adventure. College is one of the most important aspects

of succeeding in today’s world. College is much more than just a degree, in college you also

learn how to learn, perhaps one of the most important things you can get out...
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