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From an early age I have been fascinated with how and why people behave in the way they do together with the impact these behaviours have on others. When I was eight years of age, I read a book called ‘Flight of the Doves’, written by Walter Macken (1968). This book opened up my senses to (what I perceived to understand) what love was, how it felt and what it was like to lose it. It gave me an insight into death, mental and physical abuse, fear, risk taking, courage and the joy of discovery, most of which I experienced as an adolescent/adult, as many people do. I am an inquisitive, helpful, knowledge seeking and empathic person. These characteristics have shaped me as an individual but have also fed my desire to study psychology. In order to obtain the necessary knowledge, define my areas of interest and develop my career, I wish to enrol in a master’s program in educational psychology.

I thoroughly enjoyed completing my undergraduate degree and it gave me a taste of the broad areas of psychology. My specific areas of interest are child and adolescent development, mental health, health and well-being and research. My undergraduate thesis was carried out over my final year and was titled; “Can men also suffer from post-natal depression after the birth of a baby”. Interestingly over two thirds of the sample of men reported signs of post-natal depression and an outstanding 96% of them felt they didn’t have adequate supports available to them in preparation for becoming a father and/or after the birth. This project taught how to be extremely organised and dedicated whilst thinking logically and outside the box. The abstract for this project is currently being short-listed for publication.

I am currently completing an MSc in Applied Psychology and am undertaking a project on the impact of perceived stigma on mental health and, how coping strategies moderate the relationship between the two for sufferers with inflammatory bowel disease. This is an...
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