Personal Statement of Engineering Management

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Personal Statement

I fought my first “fight” with my family and won the battle. The monthlong controversy, as to whether I should compromise with the prevailing notion and make a specialty of some hot study programmes such as finance, economics, management, laws, computer

engineering and the like, or I should follow the voice deep in my heart to choose what I am really interested in, was over, and I got my way.

My parents, like any other conscientious parents in China, had long been harboring an aspiration that I could one day become an
outstanding elitist, occupying some kind of well-paid genteel position, being respected and even envied. So, when I told them that I intended to apply for the programme of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, they were more than astounded.

I becoming a nutritionist, something no much better than a chef in their eyes because both prepare and serve food to people, was something they had never thought of and never dreamt of. I thought at first they might even regard it as a little bit ignoble and humble, though such words never slipped out of my parents’ lips. I knew a long hard way lying ahead of me if I wanted to win them over.

My grandparents, now retired, were both professors before their retirements. My mother is a prelector in Xi’an Jiaotong University and my father a researcher in Xi’an Institute of Electrics, and now they both have successfully set up their own companies---my mother’s is a 90-staff software company and my father’s a smaller one

concentrating on electrical furnaces. As a result, they had wished that I could specialize in computer engineering or finance or management, so that I could take over their companies in the future if I want.

Therefore, my decision stunned my whole family not only because I wanted to do something totally irrelevant but that thing sort of novel and unacceptable to them. Thus began the monthlong battle between my whole family and I.

I have to admit that I was not so...
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