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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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I am writing this statement of purpose to state my interest in applying for a Masters Degree Program (MEng.) in Electronic Systems Engineering for fall 2011. I have completed my bachelor’s degree (B.E) in Electrical Engineering in Dec 2009 from a university that has a history of almost 90 years of producing high quality graduates. Currently I am working as a Trainee Service Engineer at a Finland based company mainly recognized for its sustainable and reliable Power solutions. I maintained 1st division throughout my academic career. I passed my B.E with 72% marks. During undergraduate level I found Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Instrumentation, Logic design & switching theory and Integrated Circuits very interesting. For this reason I have decided to choose masters Program in Electronic Systems Engineering. The main motivations for me to apply to this program are the co-operative nature of the degree so that I would be gaining professional experience during the time of study with an international exposure and the economical fee structure. The faculty which comprises of very highly qualified teachers convinced me that U of R is an optimum choice for me to pursue graduate studies in terms of cost of study and living, quality of education and international experience. Besides my academic qualifications, I firmly believe that my work experiences would also qualify me as a good candidate for this program. As a Trainee Service Engineer at Wartsila, I worked with electrical maintenance team to carry out planned and unplanned maintenance at different sites of Wartsila power plants. During my job I have visited and The various technical expertise that I acquired at Wartsila are • Maintenance and meggering of alternators

• Inspection of safety checkpoints of engines
• Megger Testing of motors
• Relay testing
• AVR parameters checking
• Engine automation system testing e.g PLC

I also worked as an Internee at Business...