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  • Published : January 14, 2010
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I have chosen to apply for a degree course, in film and media. For many years, I have had an intense interest in media industries and the art of film. From the age of 14, I began watching work from independent directors such as Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry which inspired me to choose a career path in film and media. I am hoping this course will challenge my knowledge and skills; giving me a greater understanding in the subject and eventually leading to a career in a major media industry. In summer 2009, I had work experience at BBC Radio Newcastle organised by the producer of the company. During my time there, I met a number of different employees who each told me their job role and what it consists of. From each person I saw work and spoke to, I learned a great amount on what responsibilities they have. When I wasn't talking with the staff, the producer would tell me how the company runs and answer my any questions I had. Overall, I found my time there really helpful as I learned how a team must organise themselves to gain their resources in order to maintain running a constant radio station. This has helped me in my own work as I have used organisation more efficiently to be able to keep a more controlled environment when filming. What motivates me for this course the most is the pride I can take in a piece of work. Each film I make is better than the last and I see this course as an opportunity to push myself into making even greater films. I am also eager to learn about Things I could bring to this course are a strongly motivated attitude towards any subject of work, a good understanding of media industries and a creative mind towards film making. I am currently studying Advanced Video Production at Newcastle College. Throughout this course, I have developed skills in a range of different genres of film including a documentary, advert, animation and music video. For some short films, I used Foley work and audio editing to create sound effects for...
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