Personal Statement for Mba

Topics: Management, Entrepreneurship, Business school Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: October 8, 2010
If one were to ask someone to describe me he would say that I am a very pleasant, diverse, active and intelligent woman. One of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess. I am a science student that shifts to business field. I am a woman with management aptitude and an interest in science and engineering. I have a big passion for traveling and getting into different cultures of the world. All these elements have given me a very broad outlook, with varying degrees of knowledge in different topics. I strongly believe that although some are not related directly, all these qualities will influence my graduate work.

I believe that this unique mix of experiences has made me a woman with an efficient point of view. This mixture has given me a good understanding of life and a goal to aim for. 

Blessed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I see potential business opportunities in situations that most people do not. After business school, I will use my training and enthusiasm to establish my own business in Dubai and get advantage of the diversity of sectors and culture and taste in this city. My dream is to start a challenging business that leverages my familiarity with the Dubai economy. I believe that years of experience and different studies background I have had help shaping my skills in business management and marketing, the diversity of cultures here in Dubai was a good opportunity to understand them in one place with no need to visit their places To date, I have received overwhelmingly positive response to my idea. As I pursue my passion for business, I am eager to learn from the experience and perspective of others. My one year of Hult University will be a wonderful time to identify, refine and pursue a number of ventures that will be personally and professionally rewarding. My pursuit of each idea will require painstaking research, as I determine the most efficient way to market and deliver my services. As a true...
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