Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement

I am a graduate of Mechanical Engineering but have found myself in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management profession since graduation. I started a career in Supply Chain Management not really by choice but by virtue of the fact that most graduates of Nigerian tertiary institution today take up available job and not choice job due to mass unemployment. I have practiced SCM for about 5yrs now and have really developed a keen interest in rising to the top of the profession.

I have chosen to study a Masters in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in the UK firstly, to enhance my career prospects. And since it has become a career line which I have chosen to tread, thus the need to seek for international professional knowledge in the field more so that the course is currently not taught in any Nigerian University.

As per my medium term plan, I had like to become an upward mobile globally recognised Supply Chain Professional. In achieving this vision, studying Logistics & Supply Chain Management in a standard and recognised institution in the UK will almost take me close to this dream coupled with my cognate experience in the field.

I have also decided to study Supply Chain Management in order to be able to develop an in-depth understanding of integrative managerial issues and challenges related to developing and implementing a firm’s supply chain. Then also considering the fact that Supply Chain Management is a newly emerging concept in the global work environment of which Nigeria is not an exception. Its fast gaining ground particularly in the manufacturing sector where the need for quality, customer - supplier satisfaction and cost saving are key metrics for winning out there. Supply Chain Management has numerous advantages and plays tremendous role in organizational competitiveness and profitability in the global market place. Sourcing for international knowledge in this kind of promising course will give me cutting edge advantage...
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