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Having spent the last five years working in the social care field, I have come to realise that my passion lies in helping people who are less advantaged. I am currently taking an health and social care course to further my ambition to become a care worker.

I am working closely with my cousin brother in his own home that has epilepsy. He struggles With everything as he need 24 hour care due to his situation. This gave me great insight into the role of a care worker as working with him made me think about other less advantaged people who I can help as they can't them self.

I was also providing continuous emotional support on a daily basis and during stressful life changes. I learnt how to communicate with him about sensitive issues in an appropriate manner, understanding and being prepared for his reactions to the information. This job significantly improved my communication skills, my patience, and my initiative. As a result I became more aware of my own values and beliefs whilst showing respect to him and his values, beliefs, cultures, goals, needs and preferences.

I am completing Health and Social care which enabled me to develop my practice. I learnt about the laws, legislations and different government policies involved in social care, about abuse and the different forms it can take and how to help individuals take control of their lives.

Although I have no experience working with children and families in a professional sector, I have working with my cousin brother and feel that I can relate to families who are having troubles. I hope with my positive attitude and determination to improve my own quality of life I can reflect this into my practice when helping others.

I hope that studying further onto health and social care lever 2 will give me a greater understanding of social problems, their causes, their solutions and the impacts these have while allowing me to obtain the skills I require to be successful in my chosen career path as an care...
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