Personal Statement

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“Personal Statement”

For a mountain climber, one of the chief reasons for climbing the mountain is that it is there to be conquered. The same analogy applies to life and one thing that helps in achieving that goal is education; education with a deeper focus on the desired field of interest. Accordingly, I wish to enhance my skills by pursuing a more advanced education that will help me triumph over the various challenges of life. The meaning of life as I understand is to reach great heights through repeated self uplifting. I have done so in the past and hope to do so in the future. And what I am doing currently is one of those self uplifting sessions – to apply to the University at Buffalo School of Management for the Master of Science in Management Information Systems Program.

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems, I have a good knowledge of the business processes that are typically involved in running a business. As part of the coursework, I have been not only introduced to, but have got deep insights into various aspects of the business like Operations/Strategic Management, Human Resources, Finance, etc. I also had the opportunity of working with a group of Graduate students and Dr. Raj Sharman, to design the network layout for a given building. Having said that, I have always been interested in computer security, which is also my ultimate career objective. I hope to take advantage of the resource of the school to get the Information Assurance certificate, more specifically the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification. Information Assurance goes beyond information security to include reliability and emphasizes strategic risk management over risks and tactics. Thus, I believe that the tactics learned in school and at work shall be helpful in this career move. I aspire to become an Information Systems Security Analyst. Some of the tasks that...
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