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  • Published : August 20, 2009
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Statement of Purpose for Business Program

I am writing this essay on behalf of my application to study in the Business Program after completion of Language program at xxx. I am a very dedicated and hard working man from Nepal. I grew up in a loving and supportive family and have always kept myself busy in studies and the social activities--before, during, and after college. I have discovered that my academic interests fit especially well to my purposed course.

Attaining the intended program would help to provide me with the tools that I need to realize my long term goal of returning to Nepal. So as to better prepare myself for a career in business, by studying current, state-of-the-art business techniques and policies in management and administration would help me to prepare for better future. I am confident that I will develop invaluable research and skills while interacting with attentive professors and intellectually-gifted colleagues. After graduation, I will seek an academic career at a leading Nepalese business college.

Most particularly, I look forward to helping Nepalese people running small businesses to sustain themselves. For me, social service is my primary mode of spiritual fulfillment. I am a stalwart, enthusiastic, and dedicated young man who looks forward with keen anticipation to giving Nepalese people and making my professors and parents proud of my achievements.

I have chosen to study in Canada because of warm and friendly attitude towards non-Canadian; a high standard of academic excellence with worldwide recognized degree and quality education with excellence value and lots of choices. Canada has emerged as a popular destination for higher education because of its strong educational infrastructure, a high quality of life and affordable tuition fees for international students. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and beautiful cities like Ontario has become the ideal destination for study to me. I trust that studying in Canada will...
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