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Thesis statement: ??
Experience from around the world. I have had an opportunity to be a part of basketball programs form AAU at the preteen in Battle Creek, four years playing at WMU, leave to college then on to a seven professional career in Europe, then I have volunteered at KCC for a year then got a position on the coaching staff. During my professional career I was also conducting camps, clinics and individual lesions. I acquired a bachelor degree in arts at WMU. I played four years and then I went to Europe and had a profession basketball. After a seven year career overseas, I came back to WMU and completed my bachelor degree. I am now ready to continue my education and acquire my masters in sports management. There are many aspects in sports management I would like to explore. My personal interest at this point would be coaching to obtain a more in depth understanding of what it takes to run successful business in camps, clinics, and individual training. My experience at WMU has been more than just academics. I have had personal relationships with the staff and they have inspired me to excel in all areas of life. Being a sport manager doesn’t mean only to be a person who knows how to work with the team’s budgets. The manager has to know how to work with individuals to make them part of the team, how to anticipate what the needs of the team are. In addition, the management always motivate the team and encourage them to believe in their strengths. In my opinion I am good at doing this because I am confident in my abilities to communicate with people, to express my ideas in a convincing way. In multiple experiences I have proven that I am fully capable of making the best decisions for the great good of the team and ensured that they had the best opportunities to continue the game. In all the years I have had the chance to understand this sport from different perspectives (as a highschool player, college player, and playing for two different team...
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