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The personal statement is a short essay on the UCAS on-line application form in which you have the opportunity to explain why a university should pick you for a place on its course. It needs to be built like an argument, the whole purpose of which is to persuade an admissions tutor that you are the right person for the course. In doing so you will also give a sense of your personality, and what makes your particular combination of character, skills, experience and enthusiasms a winning one. The following is one pattern that has been found to be successful. There are other patterns, and you may discover one for yourself that suits you. You would do well to consider the content of what follows, however, and ensure that you have covered its ideas in one way or another. This pattern is roughly divided into thirds, with, an optional extra short final section. A. THE FIRST THIRD: THE COURSE & YOU      You should focus on the course of study for which you are applying, explaining what it means to you and showing that you understand what is involved. Explain what, in particular, got you interested, and how it all began. A specific event? An observation? A meeting with someone? What motivates you, make this a necessary choice for you? Describe any practical work or other experiences that are related, and that have made the subject more real Explain how you see the future, and any career or life choices that might result from your intended study Check the requirements of the course that you are applying for and look in the “entry profiles” for that subject on UCAS websites; look for key words associated with the course. [For example, if you are interested in pure Economics, avoid referring to Management studies in your opening. This will, of course, always be a problem for joint or combined subject applications…]

B. THE SECOND THIRD: YOUR ACADEMIC STUDIES    Explain how what you are now studying supports and prepares...
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