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Topics: Photonics, Optics, Carnegie Mellon University Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Statement of Purpose, En Shi

Program: Ph.D. in ECE, CMU

After my two-month research training at UCLA, one scene stands out in my mind: Photonics is becoming an interdisciplinary platform through which many other research directions can gain giant momentum. And the present gap between available photonics technology and future needs fascinates me and attracts me to the ECE program at Carnegie Mellon University. In the year of 2004, I chose to major in Information Engineering (Optics). The past years have witnessed my passion and talents in this realm. I’ve been consistently ranked 1st out of 152 students in the department for three years. And I won the highest honor for students at Zhejiang University—Chu Kochen Scholarship. Meanwhile, I attended the Advanced Honor Class of Engineering Education to equip myself with power for research. Education in the Department of Optical Engineering lays a great emphasis on practice and innovation. Intensive laboratory training equips me with hands-on skills of optical system alignment, electronic circuit design and computer simulation. This year I joined the Lab of Photonics—and became hooked on research. In the National Student Research Training Program, as the project leader, I worked with partners to explore the application of near-infrared detection. Often I thought over the program in the laboratory from day till night; it was still in my mind even when it was time to sleep. Step by step I gained experience of spectrometer system design, and our performance won the financial support of the National Ministration of Education. The raptures I felt for each progress are unforgettable. And this can be viewed as my first step toward research career. With a favor of meeting challenges, after interviews and selections, I obtained the opportunity to participate in the Summer Research Program at UCLA, and worked as a full-time research assistant. In the biophotonics project, I worked as a quick learner in a totally new area....
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