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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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The road that I set for myself in the future is major in marketing. To made this decision, there is a little story behind it. When I was in junior high school in China, I joined a competition which was about selling old stuff and gathered the money for poor people in our school. When the first time I heard this activity from the school broadcast, I put my Name on the paper on the player list right after. Because I knew this is going to be very interesting and I could gain a great experience from it. Since there were many students involved in this game, the principle needed to choose the players. Briefly we had most 80 students wanted to join the competition, and the winner can get a bike. So the first previous test was set in front of us. The principle passed all of us a sheet which had 20 questions about selling, the people who can get over 15 points would get a chance to join the game. Fortunately, 20 of us received over 15 points, and I was one of these 20 people. So I got a chance for this competition. For the next five days, school was asking all the students to bring their old stuff which were they do not need in their houses. And after five days, school gathered many stuff and put them in 20 boxes fairly, on the first day of next week, 20 players were going to sell those stuff, and we would get one box for each of us randomly. When I got my box and open it, I was kind of lost myself. Because I had many can foods in my box, some blank note books, some color paper, some old books and plenty of cloth buttons. And I had a weekend to make my plan for how to sell all these stuff in a proper price.

I noticed that can foods would not attract student’s eyes, so I was thinking about to bring my pot, spoon, and ingredients like salt and pepper. My idea was to combine the food cans and made those become a dish, and then sell the dish. So I wrote down the food cans that I had, search what kind of dish that I can make with these, and finally I found the menu of it,...
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