Personal Statement

Topics: Social justice, Montclair State University, Social work Pages: 4 (1573 words) Published: March 25, 2008
Personal Statement

I have chosen Master of Counselor of Education as my profession for a number of reasons. I love to work with people and I enjoy helping those in need. I believe the combination of empowerment and self-motivation to be the key to overcoming any obstacles someone might encounter in his or her life. I believe that everyone in this world can make a difference, no matter how small or how big the change is. I believe that while all of us need an opportunity to do something with our lives, many do not know that they possess the ability to make a change in their lives. Hence, I am willing to help these people to find their skills, motivation, and willpower to set their goal, keep dreaming, and to find it within themselves to accept success in their life and begin changes that will occur throughout this process. Since I was a child, there was a desire in me to help others who were less fortunate than I was. Throughout my life, this desire to help people stayed with me. As a child I wanted to pursue a career as a lawyer and to prosecute those that had broken the law. I attended Delaware State University for a year after I graduated from high school where I stayed on campus, met new people and no parents to be in my business. Classes became secondary and hanging out was primary. I received my first semester grades and was in awe because I knew that my parents were not going to pay for my education if I was not taking it seriously. Needless to say my parents gave me an ultimatum, which was either I take school seriously and assist with paying for my education or not to take my education seriously and pay for it myself. I then worked in a several companies that specialized in customer service and the money was good but I started to realize that I wanted to further my education and wanted a career helping others. I attended Hudson County Community College and graduated with Associates in Arts in Criminal Justice in 2002. I then attended Kean...
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