Personal Statement

Topics: Journalism, Mass media, Newspaper Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Personal Statement
Do you have the experience that you could do nothing about the things because of the money and power? It was a cold and heartless day that I witnessed the same coldness in people’s heart. My uncle was dead in a sudden accident. People who caused this accident were powerful and rich. Although the new media was also on the spot, they chose to keep silence about this accident. The last bit of hope that we had was no longer existed. Later I learned about the journalist after my cousin went into the school of journalism in college. He told me that even if the social injustice and dark side existing in the news media, the media still is the most powerful tool on earth. It is not so much that the media explicitly tell you what to think but instead, more subtly, suggests what to think about, providing the parameters within which one’s thoughts are constrained. So long as the conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve to public with thoroughness and honesty, the miserable experience will no longer be existed. Throughout the duration of my high school, I regularly entered the Scholastic Writing Awards and in my final year, earned a qualification in fiction. I gained my first real taste of journalism in high school, where I worked on the school newspaper for half a year. During that time, I reported on school events and spent a month as editor. I never missed a deadline and was able to complete my school work to a high standard at the same time. As I moved on to university, my interest in writing never stopped. I was part of the college team that produced the annual student magazine, contributing in the marketing department while making writing contributions at the same time. Currently, I major in English in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication. During my studies I have come to realize that in the field of journalism, education is the beat when it is linked with experience. Therefore, to widen my perspective...
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