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  • Published : February 26, 2008
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I write to submit my application for the B.Eng. in Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management in the University of Hong Kong. This is a path for me to acquire advanced logistics skills and prepare myself to be a qualified person in the world of logistics.

I am studying in the third year of the Higher Diploma in Logistics and Transports Operation in HKU SPACE Community College. I am very interested in developing my professional knowledge of logistics and I decided to pursue further study in it. Logistics is one of the main forces in Hong Kong, and the logistics activities contribute to its prosperity. I am always ready to equip myself with knowledge of logistics and contribute myself in this world eventually. I aspire to be a logistics analyst. I believe the program of Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management is certainly an excellent choice for me.

It has always been my dream to finish my tertiary education with a degree in a prestigious University. With no doubt, the School of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong tops the list. I deeply believe that obtaining a degree in the University would not only enrich my professional knowledge but this would also make me a more mature and independent person, which would be very important to my future career as well as my personal life in general.

In the last summer holiday, I participated in a job placement programme organized by HKU SPACE. I worked as a summer trainee in Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC). I was responsible for studying the schedules of train cleaning, generating graph for the schedules, finding out the problems and giving suggestions. In addition, I learned about the workflow in the KCRC as I was attached to different departments. This was an opportunity for me to strengthen my communication skills through dealing with different levels of people, and it also provided a practical experience of problem solving through completing the work.

In 2006 summer holiday, I...
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