Personal Statement

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Personal statement

Michael Jordan, one of the most iconic players in basketball, stated that ‘talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships’. Sport has always been an extremely important aspect in my life, both physically and psychologically. Engaging in various sports, from football to rowing, has not only encouraged the development of my sporting knowledge but has also contributed to the growth in my social skills and abilities. My desire to study sport began as a result of my fascination with the variety of sports and the different training styles they use, yet for the same desired outcome - to win. Whilst I attended primary school, I was part of the football team, which competed regularly in a mini-league style competition with surrounding schools in the area. When I progressed to secondary school, I was exposed to a greater variety of sports and decided that I would join the Clydesdale Rowing Club. During my time with this club, my growing desire to understand various sports began to develop further. I quickly appreciated that knowledge as well as physical ability and team co-operation contributed to the success in any sport. I also built strong bonds and relationships with friends and the coaches, as well as spectators who often came to watch us on the River Clyde. I also helped younger rowers and beginning rowers to set up equipment and take part in the sport. As I enjoyed working with others, I undertook a Sports Leadership course. This course taught me how to effectively work with others to train classes and how to work with various groups of people including younger children and those with mental disabilities. The sport leadership course allowed me to develop as a person and also to understand the importance of key skill like time keeping, co-operation and organisation. I then went on to volunteer at the Glasgow Youth Games this year, refereeing and coaching badminton for younger children. This was a thoroughly enjoyable...
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