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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Problem & Solutions

1. Reduce the price for getting more contracts.
2. Too much flames among workers
3. Accounting problems (eg: not clear about the cash flow statement and cost variations) 4. Weak internal control and losing finance procedures
5. People in Trevabina are not motivated (Work was sloppily done and there were some days when subcontractors and his crew did not turn up for work) 6. Policies are seldom strictly followed.

7. Rewards everyone equally regardless of performance.
8. Delegation would allow him to spend more time with family and to pursue his own interest in social etc. (Lack of communications and new innovational ideas) 9. Exhibit 1. Complicated layers of management. Lack of efficient communication 10. Cost either in labor or material increased.

1. Bid (Idk the details about it , need to discuss)
2. Need more activities to let workers know each other well 3. Employ professional auditors or financial analysis to get more accurate numbers 4. Similar as solution 3 and simplify the management layers to make internal control more efficient 5. Set additional trainings for their employees and set more flexible regulations not that strictly. (Allow workers to bring their children to the company) 6. Set clear rules about awards and punishment

7. Give more rewards to individuals or teams according to their contribution (More contributions more rewards) 8. Hold more meetings to get various ideas and then for example vote to get the most believable one 9. Similar as solution 4

10. Make each investment count. Don’t waste money on employing unskilled people and low-quality materials.
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