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Topics: Translation, Learning, Language Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Some people consider translation as a kind of jobs only but for me, it is a meaningful form of cultural communication. Therefore, I would like to apply to your university for the programme of Translation and Interpretation in order to make my dream comes true.

Having majored in Translation and Interpretation as an undergraduate, it brings me new perspectives about translation that it not only translates from one language to another, but also the culture. This makes translation a real challenge. Nevertheless, I dare to embrace challenges and I find fulfillment after completing various translation assignments. Also, I have a passion for it. However, my skills in translation and interpretation are far from good. Therefore, I would love to further my knowledge of language and develop skills in translation through this programme, and I could take my enthusiasm and turn it into my further study.

On the other hand, when compare with other colleges, your college is not only focus on practical skills but also theories of translation. I think this is better as theories help us to identify translation problems and justify strategies in order to have better translations. Therefore, I would like to apply to your college for this programme instead of others.

Since I am studying Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, I have learnt some basic techniques and theories of how to translate. Besides, I practice all these skills and theories by applying them into assignments and projects. As a result, I will be more able to master this subject than others.

Learning new languages is one of my interests .I learnt Japanese and Korean when I was in form three. Now, I am taking a course for learning Spanish and I think these are relevant to this programme. Just like liver Wendell Holmes has said “Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow”. As language provides an insight into all aspects of a countries culture and this is...
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