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Topics: Policy, International relations, Foreign policy Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: December 1, 2012
I would like to study graduated level and I am interested in International Affairs program, because nowadays this is a job which offers good prospect and is very prestigious, I would like to deepen my education in the fields of politics, history, foreign policy, culture, international peace and conflict management, I have a BA degree faculty of General-Technical and Micro Business, with major Computer Systems and Networks from Georgian Technical University, I know that it is impossible to keep up with the progress in the world without having knowledge in modern technologies, Studying in the US at the graduate level will give the chance to me to become the manager of a high rank, to get quality of the leader for successful product of business to improve obligation in service a society. Studying in the US at accredited university will give me a direction how to reproduce business the plan. It is a common knowledge that America is a highly developed country both from the economic as well as democratic paint of view. I also know that studies at American universities are of the highest quality and students enjoy up to date equipment and technology. Studying at University will make it possible for me to gain great experience, education, improve my qualifications and make contacts with the representatives of other countries. This will help me to better defend democratic principles and establish sound economic relations in my country. I will share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues, I will also have opportunity to get better acquainted with the history, culture and art of America, get to know students from different part of the world. So, taking all these factors, I decided to master the profession of production managements to contribute to my country’s prosperity with the knowledge gained in the US at the graduate level. Today much attention is paid to the development of small and medium business which requires professionals equipped with proper knowledge,...
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