Personal Space

Topics: Question, Interrogative word, Sentence Pages: 3 (1428 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Breaking the Regular
Personal space is an invisible boundary separating one from others to be normally content. When violated, one may feel discomfort, anxiety, or even anger. As humans, we set rules in our minds called customs. Many of these vary from culture to culture but some are universal. One of those universal rules is the idea of personal space. In America, we have a strong sense of personal space, especially when it comes to strangers invading that space. From what I have experienced in the social norm, violating personal space of various individuals has a great effect in today’s society. My first victim’s space invasion was at the gym. After my brief run on the treadmill, I came near a girl I did not know that had a fresh white towel. I then wondered to myself what she would do if I used her towel. As we locked eyes, I asked her if I could borrow her towel (at this point I was exceptionally nervous). She awkwardly paused for a moment and said, “Surrreeee?” After I grabbed the newly towel I wiped the drip of sweat that profusely ran down my face. Her eyes opened as if she had just come into the world. With satisfaction, I politely asked if I could keep the towel; the girl inquisitively nodded her head with approval. I then walked roughly five yards away and turned back around to let her in on what I was doing. I gave her towel back and then started asking questions. My first question was “What was going through your head when I asked to use your towel?” She replied in an awkward sense, “I thought you were weird for asking to use my gym towel!” The second question I asked was, “Why did you give me your towel in the first place?” She then replied with little laughter, “I was so shocked from the strange question that I didn’t have time to think of what I was doing.” I did not have many questions planned to ask her for this was my first encounter entering a stranger’s personal space. I then told her to have a nice day and walked away giggling as if I had...
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