Personal Selling

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  • Published : January 19, 2011
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Personal selling is a promotional method that is a face to face interaction selling. It is push strategy that companies sell their goods by using middlemen. In a personal selling, a seller tries to influence a buyer make a purchase. Firstly, producers promote their products to wholesalers, and then retailers will collect the goods by wholesalers using a push strategy. Finally, retailers will convince to consumers to purchase. In this case, the producer is Pokka chrysanthemum white tea. There are a few types of middlemen. For instance, consumers can buy it from supermarket and convenience store. These types of shop are in everywhere; therefore customers can purchase it easily. Moreover, most of the restaurants and food courts usually provide Pokka chrysanthemum white tea to customer. As a result, these three of middlemen are excellent to Pokka. It can justify that consumers are very convenient to find their product. There are two main advantages of person selling. First of all, it can create customer’s interest. Customers may establish long term purchase with Pokka if they trust or are satisfied with the sales representative. Second of all, in selling situations, customers obtain a relatively high degree of personal attention. For example, when customers do not understand the information of Pokka chrysanthemum white tea such as price, expiry date and volume, they can ask the staffs immediately. After that, the sales team can directly and promptly response to customer questions and concerns. However, there are some disadvantages in personal selling. Some customers have had some terrible experiences with salespeople. They think that some of the salespeople are overly aggressive or even annoying. It probably affects the middlemen’s reputation; as a result, the amount of selling Pokka chrysanthemum white tea could be influenced. Besides, personal selling is quite time-consuming. Assuming that a customer keeps asking questions to the staff, it would decrease their...
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