Personal Selling

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Personal Selling is the mouth or oral presentations made by the individual salesperson. In this case a conversation with one or more prospective buyers who intended to create sales.

Here is the definition of selling face to face (personal selling) put forward by the experts. Kotler (2003:564)


The Personal Selling Process

The personal selling process is a consecutive series of activities conducted by the salesperson, the lead to a prospect taking the desired action of buying a product or service and finish with a follow-up contact to ensure purchase satisfaction.

Step one – Prospecting

The process is looking for potential customer or buyer is called prospecting or determining. A qualified prospect is the one who that will fulfill their needs by buying the products from the personal seller. Also that can be benefits both party direct and indirectly. For personal seller they need to make sure that the benefits are to maximize profits and achieve the target sales.

Step two – Pre-approach.

This stage involves collecting as much relevant information as possible to make sales presentation. The information collected is to transfer to potential buyer by explaining what exactly the products for and how can it benefits the.

Step three – The Approach.

The salesperson should always focus on the benefits for the customer. This is one by using the product’s features and advantages. This is known as Features, Advantages and Benefits.

Step four – The Sales Presentation.

After the potential buyer feels interest to buy the product, the sales presentation took places. It involves how to persuade and visual explanation of a business proposition. It should be done in relaxed atmosphere and environment to encourage the prospect to share information in order to establish requirements. Having a small talk also can reduce the noise or the tension to make sure the business is remained.

Step five – The Trial Close.

This is the most important steps in personal selling. Based on what I’ve read it is known as the temperature question, requires technique to establish the attitude of the prospect towards the presentation and the product.

Step six – Handling Objectives.

Objections are often indication of interest by the prospect and shouldn’t be viewed with misgiving by salespeople. The potential buyer is in fact requesting additional information to help to justify the buying decision. The prospect may not be fully convinced and the issues raise are important. It is also assists the salesperson to establish exactly what is on the buyer’s mind.

Step seven – Closing The Sale

The closing is the last part of the presentation. Many of the salesperson fears the closing of a sale. Closing sale is the part of confirmation of understanding. Fear will disappear if the salesperson believes that the buyer will enjoy benefits after the purchase.

Step eight – The Follow-up.

The sale does not complete the selling process. Follow-up activities are very important and useful for the establishment of long-term business relationships. It is important to check if the products have been received in good condition, to establish the customer satisfaction. For example after sales services helps to maintain with customer relationship.

Disadvantages of Personal Selling

1) High cost-per-action –Personal selling can be an important measure of the success of promotion spending. Since personal selling involves person-to-person contact, the money spent to support a sales staff. This cost is incurred whether a sale is made or not, these costs include salary, commission, and bonus. Providing sales support materials, allowances for entertainment spending, office supplies, telecommunication and much more.

2) Training Costs – Most forms of personal selling require the sales staff be trained on...
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