Personal Satement

Topics: Family, Parent, High school Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Personal Statement
My family depended on me to mature and grow up to being a responsible and dedicated woman for my future. I was born in Dominican Republic, living with my mother, half sister, father, and my brother. At the age of 3, I moved to Miami with my family because of my brother’s health. My father wasn’t able to be around because he had to work in Egypt and Russia. Living in Miami, was a different environment. After we came to Miami my brother was diagnosed with Autism, he was only five. My brother was the external influence that affected me throughout my life. My mother and father separation also affected me not only in my personal life but also in school. My mother became a single parent and worked all the time. I was always out in the street late at night, sneaking out my house, and skipping school. All the frustration of my brother been sick and my father gone was driving me into a deep hole. When he was 11 he suffered a seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy, like Autism is not bad enough. He was the purpose why I had to grow up and be responsible towards my future. He opened my eyes to realize he might not live long and it all depended on me and my sister. But my sister has a family of her own and she can take the responsibility for my bother if something were to happened to my mother. On the first hand, when he was diagnosed with Autism, my mom noticed that my brother didn’t have a future for himself. As for my mom and I became challenged, my brother autism was a horrible for my mom to accept, and unbearable to handle. I became so afraid for my brother’s life and well being that I was trying my best to support my mom; she was going through stress and frustration that a mother shouldn’t ever go through with their own child. My half sister was always there to help along the way to support my mother. She was my mother’s main support. She took care of us when my mother was working and breaking her back like a slave. We all were enrolled in school...
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