Personal Sacrafice for the Greater Good

Topics: Sociology, Sacrifice, Lil Wayne Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Personal sacrifice and the Greater Good
We live in a society where almost everything is given to you. Does this make people self-centered or entitled. I believe it does, you don't know how to work hard or what it is to sacrifice. If things are just handed to you, they have no meaning and you learned nothing. The way our society operates has changed drastically over the past decades; people have changed. For example my grandfather, the way he lives and the way he conducted his life and provided for his family is not the same as it is now. Some would call him "Old Fashioned" or "A Hard Ass". But during his time this is how most of society operated. I had recently talked to my grandfather and I asked him a few questions on the subject. For starters my grandfather grew up in a blue collar family with brothers or sisters just like most other families in that time. So money was tight, there was no pointless spending or the purchasing of many non-essential items. This created a knowledge and appreciation for all the kids of the items they did posses, "I was thankful for all that I had" my grandfather said. Now on the other hand kids in modern society will ask and they will most often receive what they want. My little brother had told me " All my toys are old, we should get new ones" this statement is quite the contrary to what my grandfather had said. You can see how there are two completely different mind sets. And I believe this mind set and way of thinking carries over into Adulthood and affects their actions and how their kids get raised. The "Accepted normal" now of days is everyone should have a good life, an easy life with as little struggles as possible. Or in other words; everything is given to us and we don't have to work hard anymore. Everyone can live comfortably without really trying too hard. And the mindset of our modern society has changed and always will.

We live in a world of comforts. Everyone wants to have all these nice items not sacrifice to...
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