Personal Responsibility: Taking Accountability for One's Actions

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Personal Responsibility
Julie Torbert
Gen 200
August 13, 2012
Ben McCollum

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility includes taking accountability for one’s actions, responsibilities, and goals that will improve performance and relationships in one’s life. Personal responsibility means that one is responsible for his or her actions and any consequences they may cause. People are solely responsible for their attitude; how they feel and think about things will determine if they will be successful in life.

Persons are also accountable for their goals in life, first they need to set goals and determine what steps they will need to take to accomplish the goals they have in life. One should set short-term goals to help build up to long-term goals; doing this will allow you to feel accomplished each time a short-term goal is reached and will keep you motivated. A person can write down their short-term goals that lead up to their long-term goals so that every time that person checks off a short-term goal it will help them to feel a sense of accomplishment. Another way to build a person’s identity is to broaden experiences, knowledge, and insight. Doing this helps a person gain social and moral character which develops social and personal accountability (Braskamp & Chickering, 2009).

Personal responsibility will help oneself to achieve college success. As they hold their self accountable for their success, they will gain control over their lives, which will in turn, build their self-esteem. People who develop a sense of purpose will commit to being personally and socially responsible. “Developing purpose is a way to think broadly and to view one’s life in a manner that encompasses career plans and aspirations as well as personal interests and interpersonal and family commitments and responsibilities” (Braskamp & Chickering, 2009, p....
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