Personal Responsibility of a College Student

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Personal responsibility to me is very simple, holding yourself responsible for your own shortfalls, challenges, and successes, then learning to adapt and overcome all that is necessary to become who or what you would like to be. As college students we face many challenges and have many responsibilities from financial to personal responsibilities to balancing personal and school time. I believe one of the main things you have to do first is identify the challenges faced by students.

As college students we face many challenges and have many responsibilities. For a lot of people returning to school is a big adjustment. I am one of these people. I haven’t been in school for a long time (add comma) so I had to actually sit down and break down all the challenges and responsibilities I would be taking on. I have to make sure my children are still cared for appropriately and still have enough attention. I have to make sure I can take care of my family and professional obligations and still be able to focus and succeed at school.

Paying for school is another challenge and responsibility of college students. Most of us are able to receive financial aid, but we have to remember we are legally obligated to pay this money back at some point. It isn’t free. You have to borrow responsibly and make sure you are willing to repay the money you borrow. One thing I have learned is that you never borrow more than you actually need because it can add up quickly and you might not be financially prepared to pay it back when it is due back.

Another responsibility, and the most important to me, is balancing personal and school life. A lot of college students these days are married, have children, or have jobs that require a lot of their time. You have to be prepared to sacrifice some things to succeed at school. I personally had to break down my day hour by hour to make sure I could fit school in to my everyday life. I didn’t want my children suffering because mom...
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