Personal Responsibility Essay: Research and Organization

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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In writing research papers it is vital to ensure that information obtained is relevant, reliable, and free of bias. Students have a two ways to determine if in fact the information is accurate such as checking dates and by looking up credentials of authors. Many websites have several authors that provide input on topics and information and it is hard to tell if information is simply copied and paste or plagiarized. Students should use the University of Phoenix online library and look for peer-viewed information. To check if a source is reliable a student can look for the published date and by obtaining the sources origins. Finding the accurate date the work was published is highly important because that will determine if the information is recent or out dated. If the text is recent the student has higher chances for the content to be accurate and have recent updates. Even with the reliability aspect of the content a student will have the chance of obtaining false data because plagiarism is on the rise and many people summarize work in their own words and this could cause in inaccurate information. The next step is to verify origins of information obtained. If the information is from a book source a student can easily find the authors bibliography or straight from the content. Using the internet to obtain information is different and verifying origins can be found by the extension of the sources website. An educational websites will usually have an .edu after the website name or if it is from a business source a .org will normally follow after. If a student is able to determine between website extensions then the chances of obtaining the right support from information is higher. The last step in the process is making sure the source is relevant to the student’s topic. The student can verify the content by looking over a passage and find out who it refers to. While reading over material in different sources a student should ask themselves questions like how is...
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