Personal Responsibility Essay

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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Personal Responsibility and Success

Joel Castro


Due Week 5

Dr. Kerstin Cruz-Melendez

Personal Responsibility and Success

Even though too much personal responsibility can break someone, it is a means to form a better community because it breeds maturity and reliability. Accountability is learned from personal responsibility. Critical thinking helps you rationalize accountability. Accountability often forces maturity, reliability, and the capacity for moral decision into an individual and group lifestyle because of critical thinking being the resolution. A good example would be the relationship between personal responsibility and college success. There are many formidable answers to this statement, but the backbone would be the student’s commitment to their educational goal. “Commitment to taking personal responsibility for your success is one of the keys to career and life success” (Anonymous, 2009 Personal Responsibility, Hard Work and Success Success Common Sense [Success Common Sense - BLOG]). His or her goal is achieved by dedicating their time and effort to the course requirements given by the instructor. To have this commitment you must have some extent of maturity, reliability, and morale decision. Accountability forms those qualities by presenting tasks that require critical thinking. Personal Responsibility Means a Better Community

Personal responsibility inevitably leads to a better community because it encourages individuals, families, friends, co-workers, and students to take initiative in their careers, jobs, appearances, social networks, relationships, health, mentality, hobbies, and emergencies. The community’s motivation is fueled by individuals who choose personal responsibility because they shine confidence and accountability wherever they go. Those who choose accountability at every turn set the example for the community because they understand that without accountability there is no trust or...
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