Personal Responsibility and College Success

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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College Success: How Personal Responsibility Plays a Role

College Success: How Personal Responsibility Plays a Role
Little Johnny walks into a classroom and sits down with the rest of the class. As the bell rings the teacher asks all students to turn in their homework. The teacher notices that Johnny does not turn in anything and asks him “Where’s your homework?” His response, “The dog ate it!” In today’s society it is much easier to blame others for your actions instead of taking full responsibility for your own. Handling certain situations in your life, whether it be school, work, or social events requires some type of personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is showing accountability for the obligations that a person has control over. This means that you have to be accountable for your actions in the situations that you are involved in whether they are in your control or not. Being responsible will help to reach your goals in life when it comes to your school, career and family. In order in to succeed in college you have to be a responsible student. Love being a student. When people get married they take on the role of being a spouse. With this role comes responsibility. Nurturing the relationship, children to raise, bills to pay, cleaning, and cooking are just some of the responsibilities that married couples have. However, they love the role of the spouse (otherwise they would not have gotten married) and with loving the role they easily take on the responsibilities. As a student, you have to use the same approach. When we love being a student, responsibilities will not seem like dreadful tasks, but will be something we love to do. Not only much you love your new role you have to own it. Steven goes to Carmax and buys a new car. Being the owner of a new car, he has responsibilities of taking care of it. Regular oil changes, inspections, new tires, and rotation are just of the tasks that come along with regular maintenance. Same as being a...
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