Personal Responsibility and Accountability

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Personal Responsibility and Accountability

By | July 2008
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Personal Responsibility and Accountability

Due to my recent troubles at work I have been counseled twice in the past several weeks. This has given me a lot of time to reflect at the way I have really presented myself in the Army thus far. I have not always been the best Soldier that I could have been during most of the time I that I have been in so far. Thinking about this does bother me, it means that I could be trying harder to get ahead and better myself as a Soldier and a person. Lets say for example I have been late to work twice in the past several weeks not only to include missing a pt formation altogether. I did this by not ensuring that i had met alo of my neds to ensure that i woudl wake up in the morning. But by doing this I showed my new supervisor that I was irresponsible and could not take care of the normal things that I needed to do by being at all formations in the proper uniform on time, which is now 30 minutes prior as of last week for me. What I should have done was ensure I had covered all of my bases so that i would have been at the formation, but I did not do this I was not the responsible Soldier that I should have been and just not thought about it as I did. Because it was the right thing to do I once again hold myself back from promotion, win Alpha company. I also should have known that alarm clock was not going to set its seld properly. As much as this was discussed I should have been fully aware of this and I just completely let it slipped my mind which I know is not a valid excuse yet I did do so. To make things worse that day instead of being a good Soldier like I should have and gotten up and just walked to work I decided that the best thing to do would just be a lazy worthless Soldier and go back to sleep thinking that “oh I should be able to find a way to work no problem.” Well I was wrong again and did not do the things that a responsible Soldier or even yet just person in general would have to make it to work, I...

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