Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility means that I have the discipline to put a plan together. This allows me, to create achievable goals. In order to succeed during each of my college courses. My overall success in my college courses is very important to my end goal. My end goal is to attain my degree in Psychology. The psychology degree is to be able to better work with and help children in the child protective services system.

Time and stress management are the two biggest obstacles, which I must overcome. To manage my stress; I need to utilize a calendar to create a schedule. Utilizing a calendar, in which I make a schedule will not only overcome my stress and time obstacles, but also my procrastination. The utilization of a calendar will allow myself the time break down each part of my day and week, I can effectively devote time to my family, homework and working around the house by dividing up my day accordingly without wasting or losing time.

Dave Ellis, author of becoming a Master Student, said it best “Time is an equal opportunity resource. All of us, regardless of gender, race, creed, or national origin, have exactly the same amount of hours in a week. No matter how famous we are, no matter how rich or poor, we get 168 hours to spend each week-no more, no less. Time is something I cannot afford to lose when it comes to my family or school and in some cases there is not a do over button I can press.

Time and stress management will be the two biggest hurdles I must master for the sake of my success at the college level. Not only will must I master these hurdles for the sake of my college success but also my professional goals. My team mates must attempt to master these goals as well. As a student I will be working with teams throughout the entire...
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