Personal Responsibility

Topics: Goal, Time, Term Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Responsibility in Being Successful In College

The American Dream is to be successful in life and raise a family without having to worry about money, health, or freedom. But what is the most important step to accomplishing that goal, especially in today’s society, being successful in college. Of course, there are examples of people who have become very successful without the need of college, but the easy way to success is by going to college and being personally responsible for your success. It will be a step-by-step process to be successful but if you are more aware of what you need to do to accomplish that goal, the better off you will be in the long run. Personal responsibility means that you acknowledge what it is you want to accomplish in college, understanding that you need to manage your time wisely between college and your outside life, and knowing your learning styles to best benefit the material you are learning. Even though asking for help and guidance is an expected part of being in college, have personal responsibility will be the key factor to being successful in college because it will teach you have to manage your time correctly for future endeavors and show that setting goal and accomplishing them will be a trait much needed for later on in life. Managing your time will be a very important aspect to your college success. While the world is a place very demanding of your time when it comes to television, social networking, cell phones, and friends and family, you have to be able to prioritize what is important to what is optional. The task becomes even tougher when you are working full-time and attending classes full-time as your time for course work is cut down dramatically. One major thing you could do would be to chart out an hourly time from of your life for a whole week so you can examine how much time you’re devoting to different aspects in life. Many people don’t realize that there are several opportunities or events throughout their day...
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