Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Personal Responsibility
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Personal responsibility is demonstrating your follow-through initiative and a personal commitment to being accountable. When I started college 15 years ago I was very immature and neither responsible nor accountable towards my education. I was not interested in the formal education process and dropped out of school due to personal challenges that made it easier for me to quit and not return. I quickly found myself motivated towards my vocation and the classes’ offered by my employer for self-improvement in my job career. This interest and vocational education within my company’s structure was the motivation I needed for my maturation and potential career advancement.

I have now worked for the same company the past 12 years and advanced from a part-time frontline employee to the site manager of all 400 frontline employees. I have advanced from a frontline position to multiple leadership positions by demonstrating high individual performance and valuable job knowledge. I learned how to network professionally and build solid relationships with mentors that would benefit my career. This helped me develop a leadership style that would support advancement in the future. I continued to stretch out of my comfort zones and learned the entire Microsoft Suite, and discovered that I liked to develop simple software programs for work. This aptitude made me a coveted commodity in my company. I was maturing as an adult and discovering how rewarding it was to apply myself to learn new skills and receive immediate success for my ability and commitment. My career would continue to arch and I would attend classes that my company’s leadership academy offered. These classes are a corporate curriculum that prepares future leaders in areas of Diversity, HR Essentials, Bargaining Union environments, Coaching and Leadership Techniques, and Safety Awareness for both our work...
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