Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Defining Personal Responsibility
Heather Green
GEN 200
February 25th, 2013
Professor Mesa

Defining Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility means being accountable for yourself and your actions. When you possess personal responsibility, you set goals for yourself and make plans for your future. You are also able to identify your problems and work to fix them. Personal responsibility is being accountable for yourself and your actions. Aside from fixing mistakes, personal responsibility and being accountable also relates to other aspects of your life; like your education. When it comes to college success, personal responsibility encompasses studying, completing work on time, preparing, and being organized. Students need to be proficient in these areas in order to have a better chance at doing well in college. Yes, this means that you should be getting good grades. But what defines a “good grade” can vary from student to student. “Although the students in our study valued good grades, they varied in their definitions of what constituted a "good" grade. In fact, no students provided an absolute value or GPA that represented a good grade Rather, their discussions centered on the importance of individuals being happy and satisfied with the grades they received”, says author Ani Yazedjian, in her journal article entitled “It’s a whole new world”, in The Journal for College Student Development. So, even if you did not receive a 4.0 GPA, you can still be satisfied with your grades, knowing that you put forth your best effort. When it comes to your career, being personally responsible and accountable at work is also necessary. To be responsible at work, you should be there on time daily, meet your employer’s expectations, meet your deadlines, and do everything that your job requires you to do with a positive and polite attitude. This will prove that you are responsible at the workplace as well. When you possess personal responsibility, you set goals for...
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