Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility


From Bill Gates to Walt Disney, personnel success and motivation is the fuel that drives a

person to achieve their personal dreams and goals that ultimately leads to a better future.

As I have come across through my years of teaching in education, I have learned that in order to succeed in your career, personal responsibility plays an important role in creating self-discipline and character. With personal responsibility at hand, many possibilities are at your disposal such as building self-discipline and character. This is important and sometimes a hard trait to maintain but can ultimately be the drive to succeed in life and accomplishing all our goals. Building Self-Discipline

One of the primary purposes of Personal Responsibility is the building of self-discipline. In order for self-discipline to occur, one must construct time management, be organized, and prioritize. These key elements are important foundations to become successful in personal responsibility. Time management

Time management can lead to building great characteristics within ourselves. To take the time and plan out, even from the smallest things shows great commitment and dedication in succeeding in life. Our lives can be filled with priorities that one might face on a daily bases. A responsible person will find a way to manage time of all the important events; personal, education, and career.

Organization is another key factor and as equally as important as time management. Organizing a daily route and a habit could lead to schedules becoming easier to maintain. Down from the simplest task, to lifelong goals, organizing ourselves will make it one step closer to accomplishing our goals. We must also sometimes reevaluate our way of execution because in some cases, our original “plan of attack” may take different strategies to accomplish. Prioritizing

Prioritizing ourselves from the beginning can lead to becoming...
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