Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Personal Responsibility
Jefferson Leveille
GEN 200
January 13, 2013
Mrs. Amberlee Bosse

Personal Responsibility
My definition of personal responsibility gives people a sense of purpose to prepare for the rigors of life and taking responsibility for actions. Going back to school is challenging at any stage in a person’s life, defeating them takes accountability toward preparation and how free time is used. At 31 the difficulties to prepare and focus for assignments are challenging and personal responsibility comes into play when we accept the demands of daily life. Responsible people posses the disposition to deal with the high standards set by themselves and society. (The Southland Times, 2000) “I HAVE a strong possi-bility of complete bias against society in which all our collective faith has been put in the hands of others.” Second, dealing with standards placed on us is crucial. Often people do not take in consideration their personal actions or choices concerning their responsibility for excelling in school. (Hersh & Schneider, 2005) Fostering Personal & Social Responsibility on College & University Campuses [The very same characteristics typically associated with “personal responsibility” are inextricably linked to the development of social responsibility as well. Personal responsibility and social responsibility involve the moral obligation to both self and community, and both forms of responsibility rely upon such virtues as honesty, self-discipline, respect, loyalty, and compassion. The formation of these personal and social dispositions is powerfully influenced by the character of the community culture, an the community’s own integrity and vitality depends, in turn, on the value, actions, and contributions of the members.] Retrieved from Proquest-online library. Furthermore, placing ourselves in the right environment is essential to success. Our environment is predicated on the individuals we choose to associate with or...
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