Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Joer Lopez
November 26 2012
Gabrielle Lavia

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility is a part of daily lives; it can influence his or her career, relationships, and health.  The ability to understand the important significance of personal responsibility can lead someone to become a better person. It defines who they are.  Each individual has different views on how someone perceives what personal responsibility to him or her. Personal responsibility is inter-connected concepts of accountability and liability, it argues that some elements of responsibility can be determined through role and contract, sense of liability involves a sense of shared responsibility based in the concept of universal responsibility, (Robinson, 2009).

What is personal responsibility
Personal responsibility defines the obligation to hold somebody accountable for their actions, admit to their mistakes, and recognize his or her failures to learn and grow from him or her.  Personal accountability can help someone grow as a person in entirety and will define that individuals character.   A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with; a man is what he makes of himself (Bell, 2012). Possessing a good sense of responsibility can lead an important person to be successful in his or her career, have better health, improve education, and involved in better relationships. It will make the individual become a better person thus lead him or her to happiness.  Not developing personal duty can also lead to possessing negative state of mind. There is a 21st century trend towards irresponsibility and lack of persistence that students show in the face of academic difficulty (Dichele, 2006). It becomes irresponsibility; this will result in lack of motivation, and low self-confidence. This will most likely lead somebody to failure and unhappiness, not only in his or her career but also in health and relationships. In many cases these situations will also lead that somebody to a depression.

Understanding Responsibility
Understanding personal accountability will diminish the negative state of mind, lack of motivation, low self-confidence, and depression. Accountability is a trait that can be difficult to acquire immediately.  It takes time and experience and to understand the true nature of personal obligation.  Everyone’s personal responsibility can change constantly over time to help somebody become a better person. Swaner (2005) summarizes her article as such, “Those who will design future efforts for enhancing personal and social responsibility are themselves responsible for recognizing and embracing this complexity, as well as its full implication for theory, research, and practice in higher education” (p. 20). However, it stays the same if the person does not acknowledge or recognize his or her responsibility; it will halt his or her personal growth.  In everyone’s day-to-day life, there are so many obstacles that each individual encounter directly or indirectly.

Developing Conscientiousness
Developing individual conscientiousness skills can be a difficult road, but the outcome will be rewarding at the end of the long hard journey.  Personal duty can boost individuals’ confidence and motivate him or her to take risks on their everyday decisions whatever the circumstances may be. The outcome will lead them to grow and become a better person entirely, its important aspects of their lives.  

Throughout the experiences obtained within individual’s career, businesses, and relationships, it is imperative and significantly important that individual leaders develop and become aware of the true meaning of personal obligation.  There is an emerging consensus that personal and social...
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