Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Personal Responsibility
Many students believe that it is the responsibility of the professors or the other students to help them achieve college success. Although I can see how professors and other students may have an influence or aid in my college success, it is up to me to achieve it. Personal responsibility determines how I choose to live my life and the decisions in which I make. Personal responsibility means taking accountability for my own actions, accepting whatever consequences come from my actions, and understanding how to improve or make necessary changes. By having time management skills, setting personal goals, keeping my stress to a minimum, and staying focused, I can achieve college success.

Personal responsibility can be defined in many ways and can have a different meaning to each individual. Personal responsibility to me is defined by being accountable for my own actions, being organized, and setting both personal and academic goals. By being accountable for my actions, I am holding myself to a higher standard. This means that I am accepting whatever consequences that may come from my actions and then understanding how to improve or make necessary changes. A good way to improve my college career is to stay organized. Often times in college, the schedule of classes and making time for things can be extremely challenging. This requires me to have good time management skills, keep a detailed schedule of all future deadlines, and to have whatever resources and supplies available and ready The Journal of College Admission says, “The student would benefit from using organizational tools, such as planners, calendars, to-do lists, folders, binders, and dividers” (Prevatt, Huijun, & Welles, 2011, para. ). All the choices that I make throughout my college career can become habit forming and therefore it is important to start good study habits from the very beginning (Harackiewicz, Tauer, & Barron, Elliot 2002, para.).

In order for me to...
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