Personal Responsibility

Topics: Personality psychology, High school, Responsibility Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Personal responsibility should always be considered when we make decisions. Whether they pertain to everyday life or our higher education, it should always be taken seriously.
As we grow older and begin to make decisions for ourselves we should consider the consequences for those choices. Even as we choose our first job, we should think about the long term commitment before we jump into it. Ex: will I want to come here every day; is this something I will be happy with? Purchasing a computer or even saving money. It all has consequences that must be taken seriously. The way we begin our lives and decision making sets the path for how we will continue in the future. Let’s say that as a senior in high school we take on a job that has us to work every weekend. We know that we want to hang out with our friends on the weekend and maybe go to the high school football or basketball game. So, with that being said we begin to call work and say we are sick or make up some other excuse to get out of coming into work. This is a trait that we will remember and maybe think it will work as we get older when we do not want to come into work.

As we grow and attend college we have to obtain financial aid and maybe take on a few loans so that we can finance our education. We then have to understand that everything we borrow has to be paid back and we must make plans to do that in the future after we graduate. We have to set up a budget because more than likely we have now purchased a car or moved out on our own and all of these decions have a responsibility to be paid on.

Our relationships even have a certain personal responsibility that goes along with them. Educational relationships, we must make sure that we repay loans and not over borrow for frivolous things that are not used towards our education. Our personal relationships, we must be committed to them so that we have a basis to grow and our business relationships; we must be responsible in those so...
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