Personal Response to Literature

Topics: FIFA World Cup, 2010 FIFA World Cup, Orson Scott Card Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: November 3, 2010
In the novel, Ender’s Game written in 1977 by Orson Scott Card a futuristic story reveals the anguish during the struggle for survival. In chapter four to five, Ender faces the isolation, which is caused by Graff on purpose, however he has learned a lesson from Graff that in this world the one he can really rely on is himself. Later on he unfolds his progress that he modifies the isolated situation. As a result, Ender’s developing self-reliance is setting up his mind to be strong enough to face the difficulty in the future, but it does not interference building up his ability of cooperation. In scene four, to make Ender understand his position, Graff gives his statement that “individual human beings are all tools, that the others use to help us all survive.” (35) The statement responses the world around us. People not always utilize others on purpose, but caused by the entire society, every individual is connected- you can tell people are trying to help each other, but in my word, is the exploitation of mutual benefit. For instance, lots of companies would like to sponsor sport games, music festivals, award ceremonies, movies, and so on. Companies sponsor money or their products, no matter what is car, clothes, or 3C manufactures that those celebrities could get supports and the companies get to advertise and promote the products or their self-image in return. The 2010 FIFA World Cup which just finished recently can be one of the examples that brand labels are everywhere during watching the games. Also, it is common to see celebrities talking about the brand of what their wear on TV. Therefore, Graff’s statement is not a lie. In fact, it is too actual that people does not want to face up and recognize it. However, Ender has realized the cruelty of reality that develops his self-reliance. This reminds me to think that it seems like only anguish, distress, and other difficulties can bring success to people. I believe people can learn some lessons from their faults,...
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