Personal Response on Sexuality Identity

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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Final Project: Personal Response on Sexuality Identity
Adriele Ajavon
Psychology of Human Sexuality/ PSY 265
Dean Marzofka

Sex is a significant act of life. The deed is commonly initiated by arousal and results in conception or sheer satisfaction. A great deal of thought rarely goes into the execution of the actual performance, as sexual urges are instinctive. The true brainpower lies within the thought processes associated with sex. Love, commitment, and friendship are three aspects that I have always questioned upon engaging in sexual activities with others. I identified with the hedonistic value system before taking this course. I justified my sexual endeavors by maintaining that my choices “felt right, at the time”. I now favor the rationalist value system because it provides me with the chance to foresee pain or troubles that may be connected to a spur the moment decision. Physical and social aspects of my world have played a large part in me discovering my sexual orientation. Once I came to understand myself as a heterosexual individual, historical and scientific perspectives helped me to further understand the world around me. Relationships have been rare in my love life. I find that my early attraction to others stem from their physical appearance and is then heightened by the individual’s personality. I think that the relationships I have been a part of, would have fared better if I possessed healthier communication techniques. Communication is by far one of the most important parts of any relationship and there are multiple techniques that can be exercised to improve every bond. Overall, my entire sexual experience has been positively affected by the information that I have learned in this course.

I found the first time that I engaged in sexual intercourse to be exhilarating. It was as if I had tried a new drug, that I could not get enough of. From that point onward, I had sex whenever I wanted to. When I was “in the mood” I had sex to reach the level of satisfaction I had become accustomed to. I did not have any particular set of rules or values that I followed during my early years of sexual exploration. So upon entering this course I realized that the value system that most closely mirrored my sexual decision making was hedonistic. According to BCBSR (2009), “The pursuit of pleasure and personal happiness is paramount in the minds of most people in the society and indeed is even a constitutional right in the US. In fact freedom for many has come to be understood as meaning simply freedom to do whatever you want to do. Such a value system is reflected in the dominance of the drug culture, sexual promiscuity and marital unfaithfulness, and the general rebellious attitude both among the young and old.” While I still find comfort in acting spontaneously to fulfill certain desires, I have combined parts of the rationalist value system into my sexual decision making. Experience has taught me that instant gratification can end in sufferings and strife that are not even worthy of the initial act. So, I now use “reason to weigh the consequences of courses of action to make a decision” (Rathus, Nevid, Fichner-Rathus, 2005). I was naïve to many of the psychological games played by others in relation to sex but not in the subject to protecting myself from STDs or teen pregnancy. This is where my critical thinking came into play. Understanding the approach I had in regard to sex, led me to carry my own condoms and begin taking birth control. I insisted that all of my sexual partners wear condoms and visibly put them on before intercourse. I was skeptical about many of the “facts” some of my partners would tell me because their data so often contradicted information I had learned in my sex health classes. I made sure to ask my physician questions and I took extra steps to educate myself as much as possible. Now that this course is over my critical thinking has magnified. I pay closer attention to...
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