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Topics: Human, Human rights, Religion Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: December 1, 2012
John Vetsch
English Composition I – Online
Dr. Vopal
Personal Response for Definition – “Revolution”
“For Neda”
Neda was a free spirited individual who was against, and even rebelled against the complete government control of Iran who unfortunately lost her life because of it. As the filmed mentioned a few times, she was a rebel. In my eyes she was not a rebel in a negative way, but a rebel in a way that she wanted to be able to show her individuality, her own personal style, and did not want to be under the complete control and dictatorship of the Iranian regime. She stood for independence, individuality, and a free-spirit lifestyle that we are so very fortunate of in this country. She unfortunately lost her life because of her desire for independence as a woman, in my opinion she was assassinated, it was not just a random act of violence that claimed her life but rather a cold blooded murder! I believe that she was targeted! As the film stated she was an extremely beautiful woman, and beautiful woman like Neda are more or less targets in Iran as the men in power there do not know how to act around woman of her stature. At the very least woman of beauty, well, all woman for that matter, that show any hair, too much skin or too much make-up are subject to imprisonment, being beaten and in Neda’s case even death. It is completely sickening to me that there are nations and regimes like Iran that exist in this world. To say the very least, life in Iran is a living hell, especially for woman!

The internet and technology has played a huge role in modern day society, not just in Iran, but all across the globe. Even though the Iranian government “shut down” down the internet one young individual, I cannot remember his name, was able to find a way to still get information out of Iran via the web. That was a great deal of help in Neda movement but I don’t think it was as powerful as all of the videos that were released via cell phones. There were...
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