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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Future Field Goal
All my life I have searched for outdoor profession involving human remains and settlements that could satisfy my curiosity. Then, I met a person that is so dedicated to such a profession that I had no knowledge about. As to knowing her since I have been under her wing for two years, I could say that she is a very skillful person in the field of archaeology. Her name is Jolie Liston, from Texas, a 7th generation Texan. All her life since age 23, has been doing archaeology because she loved doing outside work. Now age 53 and has achieved her Ph.D. on this type of field (Liston2/7/13,Liston2/12/13). With the 2 years of work and training with her, I finally made a hard decision because I had two choices, be in the military or outdoor profession which I wanted. With all her lectures and teachings about archaeological dig and investigating past histories, my interest grew more and captured me right there. I would say that Jolie is nothing compared to others out there. There are great accomplishments that she accomplished in Palau before she left the island. All based on her discoveries on field were publicized and taught to the people, also helped with preserving some of the very old cultural sites. With the archaeology skill she possesses, I have been inspired to walk the same path and start out by going to higher education to pursue a future field goal. One interesting reason I was inspired by her commitment to the responsibilities of different nations. She worked as a Principal Investigator with over 25 years of experience all over the Pacific Islands in 40 different archaeological projects. Her responsibilities include supervising, directing, and managing on all aspects of cultural resource managements and compliance effort. She plans investigations, supervised personnel, and conducted field and laboratory investigations. She also coordinated the works with private clients, Historic Preservation Offices, military offices and personnel, and...
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