Personal Religious Experience

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  • Published : September 16, 2008
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My Personal Religious Experience

I've been attending church for as long as I can remember. The earliest time I remember going to church was when I was in pre-school, and I attended the same church until high school. Sundays were routine, we attended church, went out to eat after with other members of the church, and then went home to watch either football or baseball (sports being my second religion). Skipping church was never an option, nor did I really want to miss it. I had good friends at church, and was genuinely interested in the bible and the stories we read.

My parents have been avid Christians since a few years before I was born. Both had been Catholic as children, and both stopped going for different reasons. After my grandma died when my dad was 17, he started questioning how that could happen if there was a God. My mom always believed there was a God, but she didn't agree with how the Catholic church was run and was looking for a change. While my dad went into the Navy, my mom started attending different churches. When my dad returned, he went to a Christian church with my mom; they met with a pastor, and became Christians.

When I was growing up, my parents decided to not get cable, which meant I spent a lot of time reading. I'd often read bible-themed stories, or sometimes read a kids version of the bible. I found the stories to actually be entertaining, and I enjoyed reading them. My parents also enrolled me in a before school day care at a nearby church, where I read more bible stories, memorized scriptures, and met other Christian kids. My church life was at its peak, since I was enjoying church, my Sunday routine, and had friends at my church.

We moved from Maine to New Hampshire, and still attended the same church. Then, my parents decided it was too far to drive to every weekend, and we found a new church that was closer. This church was smaller, less people, and not as much of a family as the old one was. There were only two kids my...
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