Personal Reflective Essay

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Personal Reflective Essay

I remember it like it was yesterday there I was staring blankly at the television, when my Dad came into my room with a white polo shirt and neatly folded black trousers. He told me I had to put them on quickly, I was confused I had never seen these clothes before. I put them on and went down stairs where my Mum was waiting with the car keys in her hand, we went into the car and said I was going to school.

We walked through these massive purple doors into a strange building, it was humongous there was people talking and you could hear peoples rubber soles squeaking on the floor I was open mouthed in amazement when my Mum gave me a light nudge and said I was going to be here for a while but she would pick me up later, I did not want her to leave I would miss her. But there was nothing I could do before I knew it she was gone, I was so frightened. A woman came up to me and I remember her soothing voice calmed me down she showed me to my classroom where she told me to sit on the floor, more children came in and a girl sat next to me she said her name was Emma. The teacher came in and she sat down and welcomed us all to the school, she said we were going to play a game, I was so excited we all sat in a circle and we played pass the parcel. I had never won pass the parcel before but there is a first time for everything, we passed the parcel round each one of us hoping to get the parcel the music stopped and this boy called Matthew got to unwrap it but there was still a piece of wrapping paper over it, so the music started again and this time I got it I unwrapped it and I won the prize it was not that exciting it was a pen, a pencil, a rubber and a sharpener.
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