Personal Reflection on Dwa Assignment

Topics: Database trigger, Film editing, The Grid Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Personal Reflection on DWA Assignment
By referencing from the previous modules, certain knowledge that is applicable has been implemented in the assignment such as HTML coding techniques from Web Publishing; where a web form’s interface can be amended by specifying values for the fore colour, gridlines, height and width within the source view of the aspx file. This provides an alternative to make changes without editing the design view physically. Techniques learnt from Database have also been applied and implemented by coding an inner join statement to create the grid view in ViewMatch.aspx, which enables various columns and attributes to be joined using a unique primary key known as “MatchNo” from different tables (Match, TeamMatch and Team)

Several difficulties were encountered while implementing new features which follow the initial design aesthetically and programmatically. In Checkpoint 1, the criteria were to layout the interface of individual selected packages; without having to include much coding or validation. Therefore the only difficulty faced was to design an interface which would include all the fields and requirements according to the selected package. This problem was resolved by referencing from various Soccer league’s website.

Whereas in Checkpoint 2, it was proven to be a greater challenge as there were more involvements in coding the four functions (Insert, Delete, View and Update) and changing of interfaces. There were several implications like how to insert date and time field into the Match table as both shares the same attribute, which also affects the edit function. This problem was resolved by using a textbox instead of a calendar control so that it would be easier to insert the date information into the database.

Both the editing and view functions for Match was most difficult as inner join statements were involved to display the attributes into edit.aspx when the update link in the grid view is click. There was...
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