Personal Reflection for Five and Ten Years

Topics: Master's degree, High school, Psychology Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: December 17, 2012

My Personal Reflection

Adult Learning Issues Theory

Quratul Ain

December 15, 2012

Daphne Hughes

Before starting at The College of New Rochelle, I was going to work and coming home doing the same thing everyday which was nothing. So I decided to sign up for college after seeing a billboard on a bus shelter in Co op City on my way to Municipal Credit Union. I read the sign and decided to go to the open house back in October, when I went it was very interesting on what they have to offer so I said to myself, self let’s do this what do we have to lose.

So I decided to take the assessment test that day, and passed but I had to come back another day and retake it. And I passed for the second time I was happy, now that I’m here I want to get my degree in Psychology and move further not into the job but when I retire. I really to like to learn new things I just can’t get frustrated with some of the work that is given, when I leave college I want at least a 3.8 GPA and a degree in Psychology. Within the next five years I would like to further and get my Master’s degree, so I can counsels the youth on their behavior and let them know its important to act a certain way and not misbehave.

Within five years my daughter will be out of high school and going on to college and maybe I can help her with some of courses that she will be taking. And my son will be in his third year of high school. Then once we all complete school, we will all take a much needed vacation so that we can relax our brains, and think about our future ahead.

By my tenth year, I should be retired from School Safety and living in Atlanta, Ga in my house. I want to get away from all noise in NYC and go on plenty of cruises to the Caribbean Islands like other retirees does. And by then I should be finish my Masters, doing an internship and volunteer in a center...
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