Personal Reflection

Topics: Prayer, Spirituality, Fasting Pages: 2 (909 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Personal Reflection Essay
Spiritual disciplines should be necessary part of every Christian’s life. Growing up with a preacher as a father, he instilled in us the importance of the spiritual disciplines. Of the many spiritual disciplines there is a certain few that my parents instilled in their children and in everyday life. As children my parents and all of us kids would have a daily prayer time together. Now as we all know getting older and more involved in things in our lives, it became increasingly harder to continue on with that daily prayer time all together. Though it was hard we all knew the importance of prayer itself and prayer as a family. The old saying says “a family that prays together stays together,” well truer words have never been spoken for my family. Like all families there will be trials and tribulations, and it was only through the power of prayer that we were able to get through it. Had it not been for a praying family I would not be here today. In 2008 Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana. Though very devastating to many, it was more devastating to my family and I. That Labor Day could have been a day I lost my life. Hurricane Gustav put three trees through the house where my family and I lived. That day was one of the scariest days of my life. One of the trees fell on our house and trapped me in a back room. The first word I could say was Jesus. I could almost feel his hand of protection on me. I know that it was nothing but God that got me out of that situation. I cannot thank him enough for his hand of protection on my life. Though prayer is very important Fasting is equally as important. For me fasting is a way to kill my flesh against things that I may want as a sacrifice for God. I a lot of times do a fasting week and everyday pick something that is important to me as a sacrifice. Some of the things I fast are television, cellphone, music, food, and mainly my time. Fasting is a great way to hear from God without all of the distractions...
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